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"Faith" portrait completed

I finished my ‘Faith Like a Child’ portrait last night. I may do some fine tuning but not much more since she’ll be needing to head to the Mosaic Art Experience very soon!

This portrait has whet my appetite to do more people portraits. When I can I’ve decided to paint portraits of each of my children in oils. This feels very important to me to do. I’ve enjoyed doing commissions and some commercial art this past year. I have appreciated the opportunities to break into the professional art scene. I am thrilled actually for the opportunities that have come my way the past year. The big hitching post mural at Lehman’s, the 3 part mural at Wayne County CSB, the equine and animal design work for Weaver Leather. I’ve also enjoyed the commissioned portaits I have done for some very sweet people! What a treat! But I want to do this for my kids too. I gained some confidence with this portrait. I am self taught so what comes out still feels like a surprise sometimes. I do love painting faces– people faces, animals faces, expressions– eyes! When you get the eyes right the rest hardly matters after that! So hopefully before long you will see some work in progress pics of my kids.

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