• Sue Steiner

Fall Festival

I have one week to go until the Fall Harvest Festival at the Pioneer Barn in Kidron, Ohio. I am hoping I will have my cornfield paintings ready to go along with the sunflower table and chairs as my big, colorful, eye catching pieces. I am undecided yet as to whether or not to take my floral watercolor originals. Alot will depend on weather with the watercolor– don’t want to worry about them– at least not this first time around. I’ve also begun playing around with pastels and am really enjoying it. I am sure this week I will be scurrying around trying to decide what to take. One thing I realize when I begin to access what I have as options to take to this festival I have to laugh at all the different directions my art has taken me even in the last (very busy) few months. This is the one area in life that it is totally, completely acceptable, even encouraged, to go off on tangents and wild pursuits. Where a person can go willy nilly every which way! No wonder art is just plain fun!

I will post photos tomorrow of some of my latest work….. busy day today painting in the Buggy Barn at Lehman’s! It was lots of fun and met some really interesting people. I even got a teeny bit of painting done! Most importantly I did NOT fall off or spill large amounts of paint off of the scaffolding! Thats a good day!



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