• Sue Steiner

Fawn Goes Sailing Pt.3

Fawn Goes Sailing III

Co-Captain, A Reluctant Matey, and a Banned Sailor!

Yesterday was a busy day with lots of high energy, rambunctious activity, and good company!  

Today Fawn and I are laying low and keeping cool by getting my traveling art supplies out to do some ‘plein aire’ painting.   I decided against trying to paint boat or docks for now.  As a portrait artist, I much prefer painting or drawing figures and faces, rather then inanimate objects but will try my hand at it another time.  

Since Fawn was my only face around, other then the black water snake I saw swimming with his little beady head above water she was elected to be my life drawing model.  The session was cut short when Fawn decided the only place she wanted to be was on my lap.

Black Water Snake swimming by the dock…. ick!!   They are harmless but still icky!! 

Just so you are not left with that image…. here is something prettier.  

#petportraitartist #LakeErie #Chihuahua #sailing #Sandusky



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