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Foal Painting Finished

Equine Art in Oils by Sue Steiner

I finished the Baby Face foal painting today. This is a 9 x 12 oil on cradle board. I will offer it for sale at my art studio during Canton’s First Friday March 6th, Suite #222 above Second April Art Gallerie on the corner of Cleveland Ave and 4th Street from 6-10:00 PM as well as by paypal thru the Internet so if you are interested you can e-mail me at The price is $150.00 plus shipping.

I really enjoyed painting this foal. It brings to mind my colt Ricco last year Ricco is 8 months old now and nearly 13.5 hands but when he was just a little guy he had that curly eared, long lashed look this foal has too. I love the forehead swirl in this painting. Ricco’s LOVES to be rubbed and brushed on his forehead! I was able to imprint him at birth and have thoroughly enjoyed his sweet nature and calm disposition. I’ve been doing some desensitizing kinds of handling of Ricco but as it is he is quite accepting! He is my first imprinted foal so I am not sure if that is what contributes to this ease in handling or if its just his natural disposition. My other foals were arabs (of which I still own now as horses in their teens!!) So I love my arabs but their baby days were not as easy going as this guys!! Ricco has a little bit of drafty blood in him so this may also be a contributing factor.

I am looking forward to the warmer weather so I can do more handling of Ricco. He’s my inspiration and muse right now so check back for more equine art soon!

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Thanks for stopping by!~ Sue Steiner

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