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Gifts for the Horse and Animal Lover on Your List

I thought I’d share a list of handcrafted gifts for the Horse, Dog, and Cat Lovers. 

  1. Pet Portrait or Custom Horse Painting~~  I’m a painter so of course, I would suggest this! Custom Portraits, I am told, bring years of joy and a reminder of pleasant memories of a loved pet or horse.   If time is tight for the deadline date, a gift certificate can be given.  Many people tell me they enjoy being about to watch the artwork take shape and also appreciate having some input.  I work in oils, watercolor, and mixed media.  Many examples of my work can be seen at 

  1. Custom Barnwood Sign- these are new for me this year… I haven’t really seen anything like it and they have been very popular.  I use a photo sent to me by the buyer and mount that on a piece of 8 x 9 or 9 x 10 piece of old barn siding wood.  I enhance the photo with paint and colored pencil, add a barbed wire looking hanger, concho, leather and feathers to give it a western, rustic look.  The photo and paint have the texture of the wood show thru and it gives a really cool effect.  And since they do not require the same amount of time to create, I am able to offer them pretty inexpensively.  The turnover is faster than an original painting also.  Of course, since it is using an actual photo, expression, ear position, poor focus etc. can’t be changed or adapted like I can do when drawing and painting.  You can see in the photo about the actual photo used and then the end result.  

  1. Ready Made Barnwood Signs from my photos are above and also available. 

  1. Christmas Ornaments- I have horse, dog, farm animal themed ornaments for sale that are fun, unique and inexpensive.  

  1. Horse Pendants- The clay pendants pictured above can be used as purse charms, necklaces, ornaments.  I wear them on my purse and as a necklace.  I like them because the clay feels good and I like how they look.  No one is the same.  Lots of color variations available.  Bulk prices available also.  

Wooden Horse Signs- I have several different kinds – some with a horse quote, some with a horse design.  I use the barn siding wood I have scavenger hunted for.

  1. Repurposed art, reclaimed wood, barn roof slate, upcycled copper, live edge wood-  have all become art material of one kind of another this year for me.  I have used some of these materials before but feel like this year I have been able to build an inventory and refine my process.  I have paintings, wire sculptures, signs.  I am constantly playing with these kinds of materials so keep watching for new ways I find to incorporate this into my art. 

  1. Horse Bit Hangers- I cleaned my barn and found a great use for old bits!  I love how these wood signs look with the bit hanger. 

  1. Horse Shoe with wire sculpture rider- how fun is that??  I also have some with a riderless horse jumping. 

  1. Wire Horse Necklace- I had fun finding how many different ways I could twist wire to create a horse head small enough to be used as a necklace.  

  1. Yellow Chick Oil painting- a set of 3 adorable little peeps painted on chunky gallery wrapped canvas that look great on a wall, on shelves of on a window.  I love these and am surprised they are still for sale.  Maybe they are waiting for you!  

My Etsy Store Etsy.Mini(5330072,’thumbnail’,4,3,0,’’);

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