• Sue Steiner

Girl on Horseback Oil Painting

Riding Bareback , 9 x 12 oil painting Work in Progress

Here is my latest and last Christmas commission for 2008! I just got started on it but obviously don’t have much time so I can’t dilly dally! I had to simplify some things and will do just a very simple background but I think it will work with this pose. I really want this to be about the girl’s face and the horse’s face. I love how they are looking at each other. It really shows their bond and I want that to be the main focus. I also liked the lighting on the girl’s face and the shadow on her profile. This makes it an easy portrait to paint, with interesting shadows that bring the attention to the right areas. I like the how the horse’s ears are positioned just right so you know his attention is on her and his nice soft eye. The horse’s expression will soften when I go back and refine some details. For the sake of time I will need to simplify her clothes and jeans and the horse’s tack but keep the focus on the eyes and expression. Maybe next time I will get commissions with more time to work on them! 🙂 I do enjoy painting these special moments though– no matter what kind of constraints there may be.

I hopefully will finished this by Monday. Busy weekend with painting demos at Lehman’s in Kidron and open art studio during Canton’s Shop Hop this Friday. Stop by #222 above Second April to see my art studio!

Take care!

Sue Steiner

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