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Girl on Horseback Portrait

Girl on Horseback in oils

This Girl on HorseBack equine painting was fast….I am rushing to meet my deadline and was only given this commission at the beginnning of the week 🙂 but I think I pulled it off. This a Christmas present for a family friend from a daughter to her parents so I don’t mind the rush.

I do like combining horses with people since I do very much like to paint people so I am glad to be able to post this here too as another example of what I can do. This is tiny to pack in a horse’s face AND a person’s face. With more time and a larger canvas I could develop the background and refine the tack and bring more detail to the girl’s face but given the situation I did a simple background and simplified some elements for this commission. I think by doing that it also makes a statement the girl and the horse- this is about those two and not the rest of the world. 🙂 Isn’tthat every horse crazy girl’s dream ? … and for this to be a present to the parents I think is this daughter letting her parents know what their gift (horse, support of her dreams) has meant to her. I am glad to help her with this gift to her parents.

I have one more Christmas commission to finish up and thats the wildlife elk painting. Ahhhh…. I think I am going to make it! Ahhhh. Deadlines are good, right? Definitely motivators.

Tonight is Shop Hop in Canton (Suite #222) and tomorrow is a painting demo at Lehman’s. Today is my kid’s last day at school for Chrismtas break. Whew! Feels like a whirlwind!

Thanks for stopping by! Sue Steiner

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