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Girls and Horses

Many girls go thru a horse crazy phase. Some of us have always been ‘horse crazy’. Many of us can look back and see the role special horses have played in our lives. These horses, often older ‘special needs’ horses are often worth their weight in gold for people who recognize their hidden treasures.

I was fortunate to have some wonderful horses and ponies who introduced horses to my daughter. When she was 3 I rescued ‘Trixie’, an adorable, aged pinto pony who I was told was used for pony rides. Poor Trixie, when I found him was so skinny his backbone was showing. He had not had his feet trimmed in 3 years. We brought him home and gave him the care he needed for his arthritis and supplied him with special food for senior horses because he had many missing teeth. Trixie went on to live several more years and was a wonderful teacher for my daughter. Riding was not really an option due to the arthritis but in all honesty a 3 year old is not physically able to really ride but my daughter learned how to lead, groom, feed, clip, care for and handle a horse.

Another treasure we have had the pleasure to have in our life is a wonderful small horse we named Flicka. When we first saw Flicka she was being offered for sale because she ‘had a funny trot’…. when in fact Flicka is a gaited horse. 🙂 The owner was trying to teach her to trot and not gait and was frustrated that Flicka wasn’t doing what she wanted. We met flick and right away could see what a wonderful temperament she had. I can honestly say this horse is THE BEST kid’s horse! My daughter rode her thru out her childhood and had an absolute ball with her. When my daughter sadly outgrew her Flicka went on to give the youngest new riders a safe introduction to horsemanship. She has that unique ability to know the skill level of her rider and adjust accordingly.

I am showing a recent photo of Flicka once again doing ‘her thing’ with a very happy girl. I write this blog entry to remind people that sometimes the older, ‘past their prime’ horses are the real treasures!

Support your local rescue organizations!

If you are new to this blog please visit my web site featuring my animal and horse art. I also am available for commissioning an oil painting of your special pet or horse.

Thank you!

Sue Steiner

animal and equine artist

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