• Sue Steiner

Hitching Post Mural

I am posting the whole series of WIP pics on Lehman’s Country Life Blog but here is where I stopped today on the mural. For those of you who don’t know this is a life-sized mural in Lehman’s Amish Buggy Barn in Kidron, Ohio. The idea is to paint this team of Belgians (Roy and Rex) at a hitching post with a painted on Lehman’s sign hanging from the painted board above so people who come into the buggy barn can get their pictures taken. The horses in the mural stand 17 hands high, the size of an average Belgian. In the store, they look quite large and impressive! They are feeling quite large as I paint them! My poor body is tired tonight but this is a fun project and an opportunity to draw attention to the role horses have played in our agricultural history. My hope is to give people the feeling of power and beauty in these animals but also the docile, quietness of a draft’s personality!

To see more of my art go to http://www.horseartonline.com

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