• Sue Steiner

Hitting the Trails!

 Fall Has Arrived!  

My favorite time of the year! You’ve probably heard of the saying, Horse people (in Ohio) have four seasons; ice, mud, flies and autumn.   So very true!!  This year we have been fortunate to have an extended Indian summer this year with beautiful, crisp, sunny, cool weather that is perfect for riding.  I have been enjoying exploring Mohican State Park and Silvercreek using my new (to me) horse trailer.  The artwork below is from a photo I took of my horse and a friend’s on a trail ride.  This style of artwork is being offered for sale on my etsy shop here:  Custom Barn wood horse sign 

The wonderful weather, good riding and a nasty election season inspired me to create this vintage sign. Ride More Worry Less Sign

Here is the gorgeous view while riding around my home.  This is Cimmaron.  I’m not sure what the crop is… possibly spelt?  Whatever it is, it makes a beautiful, golden field that looks magical from horseback! 

One of our first frosty mornings… good bye flies! 

Below is a new painting I painted in between Christmas and Holiday Commissions.  

White Horse in Shadows

Below is a photo of my 23 yr old Arab, Abbey.  Google Photos enhanced it and I liked the effects.

My husband got a new toy… wish he would want to ride horses but he gave that up years ago… I went for a spin with him and here we are with our yellow helmets.

Stall signs have been a hot item this fall too.  Here are some I completed recently.  

Custom Stall signs

I have had fun with polymer clay and beads making these horse pendants.  I use them as a purse charm.  I get lots of compliments on them.  Hope you like them too. 

Horse Pendant 

Cim feeling good!  My 16.1 Strawberry Roan Sabino TWH gelding.  Love this boy!! 

 A sampling of other live edge wood and barn wood horsey things for sale.  The wood was gathered during a treasure hunt of sorts when my Amish neighbor had to clear his land that had several old barns.  I had a field day!  A couple friends came over and we had a great time!  You can read about it here: A repurposed upcycled salvaged me

I love this sign I made below.  Is it okay to say that and not sound conceited?  I guess an artist has to like what they make or else it would be pretty torturous to do the work, right?  

Saddle Up Rustic Horse Sign

On the trail with friends!  Cim and are in the back, which is not his preferred place on the trail but he did great. 

This is from a solo ride we took at Mohican.  Such a good boy!! 

A pasture scene.  I love having my horses at home and being able to see this out my back door. 

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