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Horse Painting A Day

I am doing a horse painting a day, give or take a day, for a change of pace and something fun. Here’s what I did yesterday. These are 3 of my 5 horses out on pasture. I loved how the sun reflected off of their coats and the contrast between the bright green grass and deep dark greens in the trees behind my pasture. My goals are to do my drawing right on the canvas with the wet oil paint, keep it loose– as in not overly detailed or realistic- more impressionistic, and just have some fun with this. The paintings are to be basically completed in one day so I can’t get too overly fussy with them. I do also paint in a more realitic style which obviously takes more time than a day. If you are interested in seeing that you can find it on my web site at

I also did a quick sketch of my weanling colt yesterday, although in this sketch he looks more like a yearling. Isn’t he pretty?? 🙂 His name is Ricco and he is a doll baby!!

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