• Sue Steiner

Horse Painting A Day, Oct.21. 2008

This is what I did today. Oil paint on 9 x 12 canvas. I will post a couple of the steps along the way so you can see the process. One of the things i really liked about this image was the diagonal lines in the horse’s body so I tried to carry that theme over in sutble ways elsewhere. This is Ricco, my newest ‘muse’ and addition to my horse family. He is a 4 months old colt out of my TB mare and my amish neighbor’s dutch carriage horse from down the road. The stallion is drop dead gorgeous and a very good minded horse. Ricco is showing signs of an equally tolerate temperament. Yesterday I threw a bareback pad (just the pad– no rider!!!) on him to see what he would do. He did not bat an eye. He also is wanting scratches from me over his food when I go out to feed. What a doll baby!! You’ll likely see more paintings of Ricco. 🙂

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