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Horses at Liberty Photos

I will say this up front…. I am going thru painting withdrawal. I spent the last couple weeks concentrating on getting my new studio in Canton ‘White Horse Studio’ opened and ready for First Friday. I spent the past weekend pulling my house back together and am in dire need of some big chunks of painting time. Many of you may know I took in a rescue last week too so that coupled with my kids ball games starting up all adds up to not too many big chunks of time! 🙂 Today I am at my studio to re tape an interview I gave a couple weeks ago. Tonight is another ball game…. Tomorrow is blocked off and set aside so I can 1. finish a commission so I can get started on some new ones 2. restore my sanity! 🙂 I paint first and foremost because of number 2. I love taking commissions, getting my studio together, writing blogs and marketing my art. I love taking in rescues when I can but I NEED to paint. Okay, I am addicted. There I said it! It just plain feels good to paint and I am missing the good endorphins that come with painting.

I am sharing with you today some pictures I took yesterday of my ‘herd’. I am getting some reference material for an upcoming art exhibit I am participating in titled ‘Animal Instincts’. An interesting thing is happening with my new rescue horse from an equine artist perspective. As she is recovering I am watching the changes in her body. She is still so lean and since her winter coat came out in chunks due to rain rot you can really see her musculature and bone structure as she begins to have muscle again. I remember watching this happen with my other arab who came to me so very thin. Its kind of interesting to watch it happen because at this stage there is so much definition it helps in painting when you understand the underlying body structure. I of course would never purposefully put a horse thru this but since this is a stage she is going thru as she recovers I am enjoying watching the changes since it is a positive change.

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Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

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