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Horses in the Mist Photography

Horses in the Mist, Photography by Sue Steiner

Photographs of horses, at liberty, in the winter, early morning mist.  The horses are first in a heavy mist, which begins to clear into a crisp, bright, blue sky 

All photographs are protected by copyright and are not to be used without the expressed, written permission of Sue Steiner.    Prints may be purchased in all sizes at Sue Steiner’s Photography 

There truly is something magical in seeing animals in the mist.  As the sun broke thru, the light was absolutely gorgeous!  My dogs had an absolute blast running and investigating.  The horses, full bellies and warm temps, were drowsy and relaxed.  I hope you enjoying viewing these as much as I enjoyed taking the photos!

I have a couple large horse oil paintings either freshly completed or nearing that stage.  This first one is 18 x 24 and of my mare, Porsche based on a reference photo I took.  I still need to finish the mane… but here it is.

I am calling this one, ‘Stride By’.

This one is Big Red.

Daily Paintworks Gallery for Sue Steiner

Slide Show of Stride By Work in Progress photos!  

A watercolor custom horse portrait.

In the works… 

As always, if you know anyone interested in a pet portrait or custom horse painting, please send them my way! Consider signing up for my newsletter at to be notified of sales,  coupon codes, and promotions! 

Daily Paintworks Gallery for Sue Steiner

My newest snuggle bunny!

Meet Fawn.  A 7 yr old, former breeding Chihuahua that is now living a diva life at my house!!  I am thrilled to have her.  No more puppies… she will be spayed soon and just be a much loved pet!  Is she not the cutest thing???

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