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Horses- Not for the Faint of Heart!

photo by Dana Muntean

In NE Ohio, during the months of Jan., Feb. and March, the true grit of a horse person is put to the test.  Sub-zero temps, icy conditions, wind, frozen water and bored, cooped up horses separate the fair weather horsey enthusiast from the die hard, cowgirl!

The sheer manual labor and time needed to care for these magnificent beasts increases by leaps and bounds and usually goes like this… the busier you are in your personal/ work life added to a rapid decline in the weather equals massive amounts of time needed in the barn that compounds at rapid speed if left unattended. 

(My husband likes to say horses are the best way to turn money into manure.)   

In the past couple weeks I’ve had all of the above.  I would be lying if I said I haven’t considered the ‘what ifs’.  What if I only had one horse and I boarded?  What if I didn’t have any??  What if I lived in the city?  What if??

I can’t really conceive right now a life without horses.  They take a big chunk of time, energy and money but my horses keep me connected to my childhood dreams.  They keep me connected to my inspiration.  They keep me connected to the farm and rural life.  They keep me connected to the seasons, the outdoors, nature.  They keep me connected to being committed to exercising.  They keep me connected to being balanced in my body and in my emotions.  They keep me connected to youth as we share our horsey dreams.  They keep me connected to strength, focus and assertiveness but not violence or brute force.   They keep me connected as I look to the future and what I aspire to do with my horses- either in care, riding or art.    

I like my horsey friends– from my hay guy to my farrier to the friend who came all on her own to clean my barn yesterday to my former employees from my boarding stable.  (I’ve reconnected to many of them on facebook which was SO nice.)

I also like the clothes.  I can wear jeans and beat up boots and always have a good reason.  My daughter went shopping for me yesterday for a new purse.  She asked what I wanted.. I told her ‘Think cowgirl’ and I’ll like it! 

Happy Trails and Hang in there… spring will get here eventually and then it will be all about the mud and flies!  🙂  I do believe a really good, dry fall makes up for everything when it comes to horses– cool weather, no flies, no mud– pure heaven!

How have horses helped you to connect?  Would love to hear!  Comments welcome– I am back to the easy comment app. 🙂 

horse artist

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