• Sue Steiner

I’ve Been Playing…..

I’ve been playing… probably because I soon will need to pack and move to the new studio. Demos are starting up this week and I have a commission I need to finish. So what do I do??? Play with finger painting!! I sound like my 12 yr old when it’s time to do homework!

~In my defense though I did get 3 paintings shipped off this week! In my son’s defense he actually is good about getting homework done.~

I will say there is value in finger painting. It is relaxing. It is freeing — you can’t get bogged down in details- you just go by feel and experiementation. And hopefully I have gotten the distractibility out of my system so I can paint walls, gather supplies, make lists, pack boxes, frame and mat. The next two weeks will be busy. I want to be ready to go for May’s First Friday. I also would like to get my commission completed before then. So now you know and maybe by virtue of telling you I can get all that I need done. 🙂

If you are coming to First Friday stop by Second April Art Gallerie Studio #207 !


Sue Steiner

#fingerpainting #impressionisticflorals



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