• Sue Steiner

Iggy, Day 4 of Equine Art in Oils

‘work in progress’

Day 4: I have ‘blocked in’ areas of color, shadow, features etc. and am now beginning to refine those areas– especially around the eyes and face. I still have a little ways to go but the image starts getting clearer and sharper from now on. In this particular pose I love the deep shadows on the side of Iggy’s face and neck. Although the computer screen does not pick it up those areas will be rich with sutble color variations and value changes which I think makes for a more interesting painting. I also like to leave larger, looser brush srokes the further away I get from the main focus which would be the eyes. I like to do this because I like to see brushstrokes but also to emphasize the area of main focus and to engage the viewer so they can fill in some visual information from their own imagination. I regularly post ‘work in progress’ paintings of animal and rural themed art on this blog so if you’ve enjoyed watching Iggy take shape you can sign up to receive updates by e-mail by subscribing at the right side bar. You can also see finished work at http://www.suesteiner.com

Thank you,

Sue Steiner

pet and horse portraits in oil by commission

#arabianhorsepainting #colorfulhorsepainting #petportraits



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