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In the Spotlight!

In The Spotlight!


What do dogs and toddlers have in common? 

Why they both love stealing the spotlight, of course! 

It is no surprise to anyone who follows me here or in social media, that I love art, animals and taking photographs!  since we finally got some beautiful spring weather, I have been out in full force taking photos.  I often do this while wandering around our property with the dogs.  I have more ‘rejected photos’ of the dogs photo bombing my shots!  This series of photos were just too funny so wanted to share.  I started off trying to capture the gorgeous evening light that shone thru our tulips.  But low and behold, there was another shot to be had!  The photography isn’t great, but the actions behind it or so typical of, well, toddlers and dogs, who love to steal the spotlight!  They have an uncanny knack for knowing where your attention is and putting themselves in the way….unless they are being naughty!  Here’s Molly, my Golden Retriever as I take tulips photos.

They sure do have a way of putting a smile on my face!  

Have a great day!  

If you, are anyone you know, are interested in a pet portrait or painting of your horse, please take a look at my work and website. I would love to talk about what you have in mind. I specialize in oil paintings of dogs, cats, horses, horse and rider, pet and owner, farm animal and wildlife paintings. I work from small custom stall signs to Life-Sized!

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