• Sue Steiner

Introducing ‘Iggy’

Iggy is the subject of my next portrait. He is a big, strapping bright chestnut thoroughbred gelding living in Kentucky and loved by Sarah.

These pics are from my first session. I started with a blank canvas, toned it with some thinned brunt sierra and did my drawing on the canvas. I work from big shapes to little shapes so at this point I am just blocking in big shapes and placing him on the canvas. I use my fingers and cloth to rub away paint and work with big brushes. Then I add some darks to begin defining the lights and darks. It still very rough but I think you can still see Iggy coming thru. My job at this point is to just find Iggy. 🙂

I find at this rough stage the value in having my own horses helps immensely as I ‘feel’ for bones and muscles in their face, neck and sholders.

As a side note. Today is a big day for my colt Ricco. Today the vet is coming out to geld him. I alsways get nervous…. but I want to do it before the mud and flies come. Ricco has been SO sweet. Hopefully he won’t hold a grudge. LOL! I am hoping the rain holds off so the next couple days he can be exercised. This helps with the healing. 😦 I know its for the best.

To see finished work go to http://www.suesteiner.com/ To commission Sue for a pet portrait e-mail me at artbysue@hotmail.com or stop by my web site here to read about the process. I work primarily in oils and watercolor and specialize in animals of all kinds. – wildlife, pets, dogs, cats, horses, farm animals- even reptiles.

I will be taking this painting and continue working on it during Canton’s First Friday put on my Arts In Stark. I am in studio #222 above Second April Art Gallerie at the top of the stairway by Arcadia Grille.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

animal and equine artist

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