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I have continued to adjust the shading and skin tone on my daughter’s portrait. This is where I’ve left off and am going to let the paint dry and re-evaluate if it is done at that point. I know I told you it was done days ago! It is helpful to let the paintings sit a few days so you can look at it with fresh eyes. I have looked at this painting so much I don’t know what to think anymore! LOL! The challenge is to keep the deep shadows but not have it looked like bruises! As this painting moves along toward a more realistic rendering the purple has prosented this problem. I wanted the purple/orange/yellow pallette but I saw I needed to rosy her cheeks up some.

When I origianlly started this painting I was leaning more toward an expressive and loose painting with bold brushstrokes and lots of contrast rather than a realistic rendering. The more I keep fiddling the more I am moving toward something realistic than painterly and expressive. The only problem with this is my very poor reference photo is basically a black blob so I ahve to recreate all the details if I am to continue moving in that direction! I suppose thats what happens when you don’t put the brush down! During my middle school art class I would tell the students– quick, put the brush down, it looks good!!! 🙂 The problem sometimes is not how to start but where to stop….. Which reminds me of a quote I read the other day about comparing paintings to trains. It went something like this: When you paint you can get off at any stop along the way you choose. Hopefully I didn’t stay on the train too long with this one. Or if I stop now am I missing my destination?? I don’t know the answer yet. I am moving along to the next one and will let this brew.

I am including the reference photo I am working from so maybe you can appreciate the challenge I gave myself in painting this one. The reference is an old newspaper clipping from years ago when the local newspaper did a story on our farm. The article was laminated and the image, not only was it small and in black and white(I enlarged it on my easle), but it was laminated and crinkled! How’s that for a challenge?? But I loved the image and it is just SO much my daughter at that age. Because of copyrights I would not be able to sell this painting– not that I want to– this is a gift to my daughter. I am always very careful to respect copyrights though because I would want the same done for me. Plus, I like being on the right side of the law!

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Sue Steiner

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