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Kids and Horses

I have been introducing some special kids to horses this summer and fall.  I hate to see the weather turn but have been very thankful for the time I’ve had with the kids so far.  My auction ‘kill pen’ horses have shown themselves to be wonderful kids horses.  They are the kind of horses that know when a kid is around.

Bling dozes in the arena while we tack up, groom or change riders and carries them so carefully and patiently but perks up and responds when he has a rider who has more confidence and balance.

Splash is still battling some soreness from his shoulder muscle injury but also is as sweet and tolerant as any horse I’ve seen.  I even had one of the boys dismount (very quickly to my dismay!!!) from the wrong side of the horse and Splash did not bat an eye.  Good boy!!!   The slower pace and light riding is helping with with his soreness so I am keeping my fingers crossed he can put this bad summer behind him and fully recover for spring riding.  He is going to be an awesome trail horse!

Baylie came to me very green and fearful and appeared to have been beat by his reactions.  By nature he is sweet and kind and has become my ‘project’ horse even though he is proving to be a pretty easy project!  He has a pretty unflappable disposition- yesterday I wanted to ride from a smaller corral to my larger pasture to see how he would do in a larger area.  I didn’t want to dismount to open the gate so I was swinging to open from horseback.  The gate though wouldn’t ‘catch’ and stop in an open position so we were partway in the path of the gate with me leaning way over Baylie’s neck to be able to reach the gate and the gate rattling and bumping up against the horse.  Baylie could of cared a less!    I think he also will be a great trail horse.

Abbey is not a rescue horse.  I’ve had her since birth and she is now 16.  She is now a wonderful babysitter horse for young kids.  I have to laugh because it has taken until her to reach this age for her not to ‘shy’ in the riding ring.  I would not have beginner riders ride for this reason because it would frighten them even though I know all her shying amounts to is a big shiver or side step but that is enough to unseat a new unbalanced rider.  She now seems to sense a child and her head lowers and she takes a big sigh and takes very good care of them.   I love this about older horses.  She is gentle and sweet and kind and I love her!  🙂  She is truly my forever horse.

I’ve been experimenting with my art by using different supports and mediums.  This horse above is a freehand drawing using pastels and colored pencils.  Prints and original are available here: http://www.suesteiner.com/large-view/Horse,+Dog+and+Cat/882691-35-30-4129/Drawing.html

Consider also signing up on my web site to be notified of new artwork.  I have several new pieces that I will be putting up soon.  http://www.suesteiner.com/notify_me.php

Take care and happy trails!

Sue Steiner http://www.suesteiner.com

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