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Lead With Your Heart…. experiment.

I just started reading the book, Lead with Your Heart, Lessons from a Life with Horses.   I decided I would read and then try to implement some of the ideas in this book with my own horses.  So stay tuned and I will follow up with the results.

Have you read this book?  Share in the comments your thoughts.  I also love the art in this book!  My own horse artwork can be found here:

Here is some art and photos from the last few days.  I am back to painting after a short reprieve after the holidays.  

work in progress oil painting of Jake

My dogs having fun in the snow!  Go, dog, go!! 

My husband is woodturning now.  Here are a few of his pieces.  I will be selling those on my Etsy shop when he gets a bit of an inventory. 

I’ve been making some horse memes and posting them on my website for members.  To become a member just subscribe to my website.

This is a special offer to help support a dog, cat or horse rescue of your choice.  Good until April 1, 2017

One of my horses the other day… enjoying the sunshine and eagerly awaiting the arrival of grass!!  We still have a bit of a wait but on can still dream! 

Hope the sun shines on you wherever you may be! 

Happy Trails!

Sue Steiner

Update:  See The Slower I Go, the Faster I get There to read more about how this book is influencing my time with my horses.  

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