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Learning About Irises

Work In Progress Painting

of Van Gogh’s Irises

I had someone come thru my art studio last month requesting I paint a version of Van Gogh’s Irises painting for him. In my typical ‘impulsive art brain disconnected from reality’ fashion I said sure, no problem! And then to further demonstrate this disconnect I thought I could just whip this out in no time. LOL! First Fridays are a whirlwind of people, noise and activity which seems to put this disconnect into high gear but I am what I am, a slightly flaky artist!

It’s been a good thing though to tackle this – very humbling but worthwhile. I missed out on these kinds of exercises in art school since I am self taught. I kind of imagined myself in art history and color theory classes and then being given this assignment and others after spending time learning about famous artists in depth. I am secretly jealous having missed out on a formal art education but I also know the power of being self taught and not letting missed opportunities be a reason to not pursue a dream. I just didn’t know I was an artist until a few years ago. Now I know so now I am learning. (I probably wouldn’t of paid as much attention in school anyways back then).

A few weeks ago when I was hanging paintings in my new place I decided I had been working too much with a particular palette. I really enjoyed my daily paintings over the winter but could see I needed to branch out now that the oils were feeling comfortable. I needed to expand my palette- move out of the winter feel to a lively summer feel. Here was the perfect opportunity to really push myself out of my comfort zone! I tend to not do as much with greens/yellows so this was a challenge and a change that has been refreshing. Adding to this the colors outside are quite intense and beautiful as the irises around here are beginning to bloom. This weekend I was at a picnic where the host had beautiful gardens and a big patch of irises. I thought of this painting, enjoyed the colors and shapes and thought how the whole world is moving me along to mix up my palette! You too?

I just wish I could see this painting in person knowing this little tiny computer print out does not have accurate colors. Its like giving a crumb to someone who is starving!

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the beauty outside today.

Take care!

equine, animal and ~~FLOWER~~ artist 🙂

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