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I am in the process of writing a post to appear on Lehman’s Country Life Blog to explain what I am doing in the buggy barn with the murals. The blog is pretty cool with useful tips on gardening, homesteading, livestock and also a glimpse into life in my town! They posted a short video of Kidron, Ohio which in my opinion is one of the most interesting places to visit in Ohio! I love living in the midst of Amish culture. I moved here 3 years ago after deciding to enroll our kids in the Christian school here. Up to that point I had homeschooled as well as ran a farm based business. We lived just 40 minutes from where we are now. In actual miles the distance is short but in culture and experience it is light years away. We moved from our 80 acre farm just as Wallmart was moving in to our town! As what often happens the whole flavor of the area changed drastically. Personally I like shopping at family owned businesses and not super mega stores with products and produce from across the world. So the slower pace and the atmosphere the Amish lend to our area I find to be so refreshing. I have moved to a smaller farm but get to enjoy the rural atmopshere even more so. As an artist I love the gently rolling hills and scenic landscapes. I feel inspired every day and really feel blessed to be able to experience that. My hope is to have my art be a reflection of this experience.

I am off now to tend to my animals, family and artwork — not necessarily in that order!

To see more of my murals and my art go to http://www.suesteiner.com/

To read Lehamn’s Country Life Blog go to http://www.lehmans.com/ and click on the link on the homepage or go to http://countrylife.lehmans.com/.

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