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Life Transitions

As usual my life is in some kind of contradictory mode.  On one hand I am beginning to release my baby girl into a whole new world as she begins college out of state this fall.  I have 2 kids at home but am feeling the loss already of not having my family all under one roof.  As I wrap my head around this new way of being I am gravitating toward my animals as an object of my nurturing, need for exercise and need to ‘nest’.  They like it.  LOL!  My teens do but don’t at this point.  🙂 

Animals can fill many needs in the life span of a person.  My dogs I think of as my perpetual toddlers- always up for a game, play, cuddle…. tending to lean toward overexcitement, mess, chaos in a cute childlike, exhausting way.  My horses are my grade school children.  They need structure, teaching, free time and socializing and keep me fit.  I have to balance boundaries, play dates and education for them individually.  Too much of any one thing and it goes out of balance.  My cat is the teen in the bunch.  He needs food and offers affection on his terms but wants his independence.  He stays within my vicinity but doesn’t want to appear too attached- even though in my heart I know he loves me.  🙂

I realize in order for me to negotiate this next phase in my life as my daughter makes this big step I have to have something to look forward to.  Change is inevitable and I am facing a big life event whether I want to recognize it or not.  Art and horses seem to be the logical preoccupation or distraction I need to fill this approaching void. 

I know its cliche to say when a door closes another one opens but I think that is true– even if that door is just a tiny crack.  What do you see opening up in your life? 

I have found that one loss often brings back memories or feelings associated with other losses in my life.  I am already experiencing that so I am trying to recognize it is just a way of remembering but not a place I need to stay in.  Thats where the horses and art is handy.  Those things are happy, grounding activities for me. 

I would love to hear how you’ve manuevered thru transitions by finding new things to do.

Thanks for reading!  🙂

I will put a plug in for my e-bay art listings.  I am in the experiemental mode of learning how to sell on e-bay.  You can take advantage now of the low prices 🙂  I’ve had other people ask if I am ‘concerned’ about what my art is selling for on e-bay.  No, I am not.  I put it up knowing full well I am in a big learning curve and am okay with whatever happens.  Just like with anything new you have to start someplace so I am.  🙂  What you are seeing are my babysteps into another open door??  Maybe.  Sometimes I crash into walls too.  🙂  One thing my horses have taught me is to take baby steps in the direction you want (them) to go.  I am hoping in time I can get a following which of course will (hopefully) drive up the prices but thats not my concern right at the present.  I am working on forward movement right now by learning about shipping, boxes, posting listings, communicating with buyers and figuring out e-bays system.  If this works it will be a handy adjunct to my studio sales and commissions.  I also am very interested in developing the Save A Face Program and as of yet this format seems to be the best to do that in.  Right now the 2nd official Save A Face Painting has no bids… so here’s your chance to get it for a song AND help out a horse rescue.  The horse model for this could be ‘Bling’ my newest rescue which you will hear about soon — or the numerous palomino colored horses going thru the sale barns– haflingers, belgians and palominos.    Take care!

or search on e-bay for artbysuesteiner2010

Take care!

equine and animal artist

custom pet portraits in oil

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