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Lucy and Rosie, a work in progress pet portrait

This is the progress I’ve made so far after 2 painting sessions on this 16 x 20 oil painting.  I am painting these two beautiful cocker spaniels and then will be painting another similar painting for the same owner of her previous dogs- another pair of beautiful, bouncy cocker spaniels. I am really honored to be able to do this for Kathie.  Her dogs are beautifully taken care of and a real delight.  I got to meet Lucy and Rosie in person so I was able to enjoy their bubbly personalities.  I don’t always get to see the animals I paint in person– although I do encourage pet owners to tell me all the fun stories of their animals so I can get a feel for their personalities.  Sometimes the pets I paint are memorial paintings, like the collie, shepherd mix I just finished.  I feel especially honored to do something special as memorializing a beloved pet pet who has passed on.  Sometimes the paintings I do are commissioned from long distances and it is done strictly by e-mails and phone conversations.  ‘Hector’, an oil painting I did this year of a donkey went all the way to England.  Liz, (Hector’s owner) and I have become friends thru facebook and our mutual interest in donkeys.  

This year I also got to paint 3 wedding presents.  How wonderful is that? 

In the end whether they come to me over the internet, thru personal referrals or by meeting at my art studio I feel a real connection to these animals and owners.  Spending the time to paint their faces and think of the memories the owners hold for their pets and the special role they play in our lives makes what I do so rewarding. 

The photos above are at the beginning stages so if you are new to this blog sign up on the side bar if you’d like to follow along to watch the progress.  I will be doing another duo of a lab and terrier mix next.  I’ve got an outdoor mural series of life sized horses to do sometime before spring and some more Christmas commissions.   So there should be some variety.  I also like to throw in some fun, quick paintings that I sell at my studio in between commissions. 

Take care and thank you for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

Painting Life and Color into our Animal Friends! 

equine and animal artist

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