• Sue Steiner

Moving out of Your Dis-Comfort Zone

Let me offer these suggestions.

  1. Create a vision.  Decide what it is you want to do.   Write it in a journal to begin the process.  “I like to ride my horse on trail rides with friends.” 

  2. Break your vision into specific steps in the process.  

           1. I want to feel comfortable driving the truck with a trailer.            2. I want my horse to load easily.            3. I want to connect with people to ride on trails.            4. I want my horse and me to be safe and sound on the trails.

  1. Set goals under each step to get you started. 

          1. Drive the truck more.

          2. Drive the truck with an empty trailer. 

         and continue with each step.   Write this in your journal.  

  1. Be ready to revise your steps and goals as needed but use your Vision to keep your focus on what it is you want.  

  1. Remind yourself of why you want your Vision.  Spend some time thinking about the benefits this will provide you and your horse.  Write this in your journal.  

  1. Keep track of your progress.  If you meet too many stumbling blocks, break your steps into smaller, more manageable goals.  Seek some assistance if needed.  Use the stumbling blocks as learning opportunities and consider it progress along the way.  

  1. Be open to new adventures!  Is a stumbling block possibly pointing you in a different direction?  Be open to new possibilities!  Maybe your horse is trying to tell you he is not suited for trail riding but LOVES to jump.  Be open to what your horse is telling you in this process.