• Sue Steiner

Mud Season

Mud Season, Oh Yah! 

and then comes the shedding! 


Good housekeepers, beware!  This is not for the faint of heart!  You may have made it thru winter, caring for your dogs and horses…but the real test is right upon us…. the dreaded mud season…followed close behind by… shedding.  I have a golden retriever- need I say more? 

Dirt tracked in on your boots, barn clothes and dog paws combine with hair of the equine and canine variety to bring you to your knees in humble disbelief.  How can we co-exist if I must live in a climate that insists on raining for days on end and animals that demand to live ~ outside in the elements?  (Not implying you do not provide shelter for your animals– this is not to be taken literally but in jest.)  

If you think coming here will give you a concise 3 point list of ‘how to’s of conquering mess and mud, huh… sorry.  I have no idea!  I am an artist and my ‘work’ is making a mess and then putting it on a canvas or in a piece of jewelry or on a sign.  What do I do?  I throw up my hands in frustration and come here to vent.  It is what it is.  

I love my dogs and horses, the mud, not so much.  We can all sing, April Showers Bring May Flowers Martha Steward like and go to Pinterest with all our handy tips, pretty bows and smiling faces but I have found mud season is something you grin and bear it until it is over.  In my neck of the woods, by mid May the world becomes a beautiful place (before the flies have too much of a chance to harass the horses).   And you can fix your eyes on the horizon and know grass season will be here soo too!  

 Think of it as having the whole riding season ahead of you!  An open road of trail riding awaits!

    Green, grassy hay fields will thrive in the summer that follows the mud. 

 You can kick your heels up with joy and enthusiasm for a lighter pocketbook (until the tack sales begin).

Adventure awaits- once the mud dries and the cleaning ends. 

And just so you know… I love cats too.  

It is just that my dogs don’t share the same love for them as I do. 

We can get thru this mud season.  We have done it before, we will do it again…. 

Happy Trails to you!

Sue Steiner


Pet Portraits in Oils, Watercolors and Pastels

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