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Murphy’s Law of Horses

Big Sigh…..

I find myself in a place I thought I left behind…..

I thought our ‘problem’ was fixed…..

I thought I saw happy trails ahead….

but horse problems are ruled by Murphy’s Law of horses…..

~~ If it aint’t one thing, it’s another! ~~

…….another ……  Big Sigh!

I was sidelined from riding at the beginning of spring because my husband had major surgery.  That’s okay- I wanted to be there for him.  Hubby got better.  Horse was a bit ‘off’.  Nothing major, but not 100%.  Had someone out to do equine bodywork and an adjustment.  (I started to write a blog post about it but just got as far as the links…. will share those here).

My allergies flared up so bad, I developed asthma symptoms and may have to rehome my Golden Retriever.  😦

Since my horse got his ‘adjustment’, hubby is well, I’m loaded up allergy meds, I decided to ride.

Saddled my horse with the same tack I always use on him….. and he is reacting to it – as in it hurts and he will buck kind of reacting.  He’s a good boy so I know it is the saddle or some other pain issue. Sidelined again!  Big sigh.

This too shall pass….this too shall pass….this too shall pass….this too shall pass….

If you aren’t sidelined- enjoy!  I will live vicariously thru you.  🙂  If you are sidelined….you have my sympathy.  Refer to my motto ↑↑↑↑↑ a couple lines up.

Take care and happy trails!


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I need to buy a saddle!  🙂 

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