• Sue Steiner

Murphy’s Law of Horses

Big Sigh…..

I find myself in a place I thought I left behind…..

I thought our ‘problem’ was fixed…..

I thought I saw happy trails ahead….

but horse problems are ruled by Murphy’s Law of horses…..

~~ If it aint’t one thing, it’s another! ~~

…….another ……  Big Sigh!

I was sidelined from riding at the beginning of spring because my husband had major surgery.  That’s okay- I wanted to be there for him.  Hubby got better.  Horse was a bit ‘off’.  Nothing major, but not 100%.  Had someone out to do equine bodywork and an adjustment.  (I started to write a blog post about it but just got as far as the links…. will share those here).

My allergies flared up so bad, I developed asthma symptoms and may have to rehome my Golden Retriever.  😦

Since my horse got his ‘adjustment’, hubby is well, I’m loaded up allergy meds, I decided to ride.