• Sue Steiner

‘My Flower Child’, oil portrait WIP

I started this last night. This is my daughter when she was 5. She was my carefree, free spirited barefoot little flower child! We lived on an 80 acre farm at the end of a long lane on a dead end road. My kids ran around barefoot and wind blown and had an absolute ball! I homeschooled them until my daughter was in 7th grade. This portrait is very characteristic of her early childhood. I am wanting to capture the light and carefree spirit of this time.

This is 12 x 16 in oils. The face was drawn in with turp and oil paint. I am working on the lights and darks and just trying to get a feel for what I want to do.

I was going to paint this for a fundraiser/art exhibit but I am afraid I have to keep this one! LOL! I will put another painting in the art exhibit. 🙂

I saw the recipient of one of my Christmas commissions today. He made my day when thanked me and said the painting would be with him for the rest of his life. 🙂 It was a portrait of his daughter and her horse. I was so very touched and honored that he would treasure the painting that much. That reminded me again of my goal to do some portraits of my own kids. I have some I did a couple years or so ago but now that I am doing oils I want to do more of them. So I will do this one and have another in mind for my sons.

To see finished work please visit my online gallery at http://www.suesteiner.com/ or stop by my art studio in Canton at 318 Cleveland Ave. #222 above Secnd April. I am there every First Friday and other times by appt.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

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