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My New Muse….

Day 1

I know with a title like the one above you were expecting some fancy, sleek steed from an animal and equine artist like myself! You watch! As an artist I can see beauty where others can’t, so in my eyes this poor, pitiful being IS beautiful! Let me explain.

Yesterday I brought home for good a horse that I owned 2 times before. Two times I brought her back home from not so good situations. I am careful who I sell my animals to but this mare just had a run of bad luck– a trailer accident as a 2 yr. old halted her ‘halter show career’ due to superficial scars on her hip that marred her appearence in the show ring. I found her as a 4 yr old pasture ornament, unbroke with the owners considering breeding her. An unbroke, broodmare has an uncertain future.

I got to see just how uncertain when I first laid eyes on the dam of the horse pictured above. I found the dam in a barn full of broodmares and a stallion with no food, no water, skin and bones, caked with manure, lame and in foal- as was the whole barn. I couldn’t bring them all home but did get one. I raised her foal which is my new/old horse I will refer to as Boomerang because she keeps coming back! I feel especially responsible for her. The dam’s life and now this horse experience is a very big part of why I will never raise another foal unless I intend to keep them forever!

After I brought Boomerang home the first time I got her trained under saddle, kept her for several more years and sold her to a suitable owner. Things were going okay until this past winter.

I will post occassional updates on my ‘boomerang’ horse’s condition. This is what she looks like now. Fortunately other than rain rot, being very skinny and in need of a good farrier, dentist and worming program she is not ‘ill’. She is alert and moving well– just a sign of the times where many people are struggling. I don’t fault her owners because I know what happened and I also know they are good people. They ran out of hay, ran out of money and ran out of options to sell lower end horses. They got stuck and so did this horse. But spring is here and she is getting help. I think you’ll enjoy watching her blossom. I know what a beautiful horse she is so I am excited to share with you her progress.

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