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My Resident-Artist-In-Training….(or at least we were roomies this past week at the beach)

I am pleased to introduce to you my artist in training! He prefers a fast and abstract painting style. When not painting he enjoys studying nature, color theory, and digging into 3D sculpture work.

working in watercolors

 Spending some time in the outdoors after studio time. 

Studying shapes and light. 

 Exploring photography


observing wildlife

Brushing up on color theory

 enjoying some great lighting as the sun sets

 more photography practice… reference photos maybe? 

Enjoying some down time 

 Our next ‘up and coming’ artist, contemplating a self portrait. 

One of those times when the beauty is just too much for words! 

Maybe you have been able to gather I got to spent the past week with my grandbabies and adult children (and husband) at the beach.  We were in OBX North Carolina.  We stayed on the sound side with a short walk to the beach.  It was ideal for our family.  The sound side water is shallow with activities like fishing, kayaking, crabbing and paddle boarding so lots of fun and excitement for little ones but not the same level of stress one has with kids and oceans.  The sunsets are gorgeous over the sound and the wildlife abundant.  The ocean side offers the usual waves, shells, beautiful sunrises, lots of sand and fun for the older crew.   And when we had the little ones and had enough of the ocean we could just walk back to our place or go to the sound.

I had months ago bought a portable easel specifically to take with me on this trip.  As I packed I decided to leave it at home and just take some watercolors (more portable).  I am glad I did, not because I wasn’t interested in painting–the scenery was gorgeous and very inspiring.  I was glad not to be distracted away from these beautiful faces.  (When I paint I tend to get consumed in it.)  What a joy it was to all be together.  I still would love to have a trip specifically to try my hand at Plein Aire painting but that will have to wait for another time.  Here’s some of my photos.

I loved seeing the changes in the water color in relation to the changes in the sky.  

Last year, I went on one of the wild horse tours and ended up painting this watercolor on the trip. 

And then later painted these two custom oil paintings on 30 x 30 canvases roughly based on the wild horses in OBX.

Thanks for stopping by!  

Happy Trails!

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