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New Multi Horse Painting

New Horse Painting Work in Progress

Welsh Ponies, Mare and Offspring

This is a large canvas 36 x 36 gallery wrapped canvas and will feature an elegant grey Welsh Pony mare and her 5 offspring.  What you see her is the initial drawings and the beginnings of an under painting.  I’ve chosen a warm sand as the base coat and have picked out a delicious palette of cool blue/greens and purples.  I’ll be painting some darker horses too so I wanted to pick up those beautiful burnt sienna browns and russets in their coats.   I love the beautiful, expressive eyes on all of these horses and their chiseled, refined faces and necks.  I am really looking forward to painting these beautiful horses. 

Cocker Spaniels

I am at a resting point with the above buff and chocolate colored Cocker spaniel dogs.  I need to do some glazing to even out some of the tones (such as on the chocolate dogs tongue) and highlight some areas but need it to be good and dry. 

I have another commission I will be beginning soon of a beloved black lab and an ornery but oh so lovable terrier.  This is a busy season but am enjoying the variety and opportunity to paint these beautiful animals! 

Take care and stop back to check on my progress!

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