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New Work in Progress Horse Art

Its always interesting to me how I may some certain plans for what I want to do with a painting but once I get started they most often take on a life of their own. For the most part I like to let that happen because I think they have more life to them when that happens. Fortunately this client is willing to just let me ‘have at it’ so we can all see where this one is going when we get there!

My original idea was to have a more stylized horse with a southwest style of flavor to it. I have my color palette in mind– how it all takes shape I am letting it evolve.

This is fairly large– 24 x 36 on gallery wrap canvas. I am starting with a toned canvas using thinned burnt sienna.

From here I begin to do my drawing on the canvas. I really prefer this over anything else– I think because I am impatient! I also like how again the painting is allowed to evolve. I also like the looser feel at the beginning. Its relaxing– the whole process is very forgiving and since this is oil it is workable for a long time. I like drawing but I do not like doing anything over and over so even my initial drawing is done then directly on the canvas. I can get as detailed as I want further down the line if that’s the direction it is going to take– or it can be fast and loose.

At this point it is basically finger painting! LOL!

I am just looking at big shapes and lights and darks. I’ve added French ultramarine for the shadows and am using turpentine to pull off color for the lights.

I am using some charcoal to do some drawing now. I still do alot of the drawing with my brush… I also am working on the outline now. The horse will be back lit. The face is in shadow so I am not rushing to define that very much at this point.

This is after maybe an hour and a half of painting? I am guessing– hate to track time while I am painting– kind of spoils it when I have to do that! LOL! I left this photo file large so you can see it close up if you click on it. I really love the near hind foot. I may use that to spur me on to do some monotone horse paintings with this looser , charcoal kind of feel to it. I will keep going on this painting but I want to remember that foot because I like that look!

I am still working on proportions etc. but this is the rough draft after 1 painting session.

The final image will be back lit with a gently windblown mane and tail. I like to ask my clients what emotion they want the painting to convey– she was after gentleness, a connection by way of eye contact and a little bit of whimsy and free spiritedness. I try to think of the emotions as I paint because I think it comes thru.

Thanks for following along. It feels SO good to be painting! I am grateful for my new studio and the other opportunities that have been coming my way but I never want to get too far away from my easel. 🙂

To see finished work go to or stop by White Horse Studio at Second April Art Gallerie. You can also follow this blog (see top of side bar) and get updates on this and other work in progress paintings! I’ve got a cat portrait, a dog portrait, some van gogh style flowers and another horse painting on the ‘to do list’.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

pet portraits

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