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November Skies, 6 x 6 oil on canvas

‘November Skies’

Ahhhh, it feels good to be back to my daily paintings. Its been busy the last few days getting my art studio painted for First Friday. Walking past my mildly messy house (who am I kidding!) and sitting down to do this fun, little painting was just what I needed! We have had a beautiful autumn this year in NE Ohio and I have been enthralled with the rich russet browns of the lingering leaves against the grey blue sky. I do not often do landscapes but was thinking these daily paintings open the door to trying new things and encourage someone to get out of their comfort zone. To me landscapes feel overwhelming because I get lost in where to focus. Its easy with faces where to put the focus, maybe thats why I like doing faces so much. Anyways I think its ironic or maybe fitting that I get ‘lost’ when painting landscapes because I am nortorious for getting hopelessly lost driving anywhere! With this little painting I concentrated on the colors and values, trying to keep it very impressionistic. Maybe thats where I need to start with when painting rural landscapes… kind of wander around in them like I do on the backroads where I live! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Kidron, Ohio

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