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On Amish Time- final

I am considering this daily painting done. I could fiddle some more or just use this as a study for a more complete painting later. I am offering this for sale thru my web site by paypal or at my studio. Oh and by the way, the canvas size is 8 x 8. I’ve done several already on this same size and I am posting it as 6 x 6…. so you can see not only do I get lost driving, I hate to measure! LOL!

This painting is titled On Amish Time because in amish country you have ‘english‘ time frame and Amish time. Its easy to see who is going by which time frame. On English time you rush from one thing to another, keeping to a tight schedule. English farmers during harvest are most definitely on tight time frames…. but the Amish farm too. They obviously don’t use large farm machinery and can’t farm the same amount of land. They use horses so their plowing and harvesting take place at a different pace. Who gets more ahead? I guess it depends on your perspective! 🙂

I like this amish scene also because the dad’s often have children with them while they work or run errands. In this painting it may not be obvious but the figure on the right is a teen aged boy. He is in the wagon portion while the bearded dad is sitting on the seat to drive the horses. I used to homeschool my kids while we were on our farm and I enjoyed that aspect of homeschooling and farming the best– the kids got to be an intricate part of our work and our day. I still try to do that. Yesterday for instance my son helped in the kitchen while we baked dessert. I enjoyed that and I know he did too but the opportunities to really work together on a farm are so plentiful as well as necessary. I guess thats the other side of the coin…. child labor! 🙂 I guess that brings us back to art… I can choose to create the scene I want to remember which is one of living life in the slow lane!

Take care and thanks for following along.

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