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Open Studio Days

I am going to save my current WIP portraits for another day and instead show you today some recent photos of Open Studio days at my art studio in Canton.  I am located on the second floor of a beautiful art gallery Second April Art Galerie.  Just walking thru the gallery to my space is a treat as I get to see the new art that comes in.  I often do my shopping there for gifts rather than spend money on things at the mall or walmart since I hate shopping at places like that.  The lighting and piped in music gives me a headache!  Why not support local artists? At the gallery they carry a wide range of orignal art in all price points.  Last Christmas I bought some little pottery pieces for my kids to give to teachers.  I think I paid 5.00 dollars for them and they were wonderful!  I mention that so you know you don’t have to be a millionaire to support local artists.

My goals for Open Studio Days are two fold.  One I am wanting to get used to using my space as a working studio.  I do most of my painting at home but I think it is interesting to go into working studios.  I love seeing the paint and art materials and the works in progress.  I think it makes it more interesting and accessible and inviting when people feel apart of the creation of art.  I believe we are all artists at heart so I love to encourage this feeling of accessiblity.

Second  Reason:  To give people a reason to keep coming back.  We get large crowds of people into the gallery during First Fridays.  I am wanting to invite people to come back when its not so crowded.  You can browse, talk, linger… isn’t that what art is for?   And its just good business sense to develop this kind of a relationship with the community.  I love the face to face interaction.  I also want people to know as artists we are not stuffy and exclusive… we are not wildly expensive… we are working with our hands and creating art to be enjoyed by all.  Anyone who knows me knows I am as far from stuffy as one can get!  🙂 

I love being a part of the art community that has a wide range of styles and mediums too – from the pottery I mentioned above to large abstract paintings to tiny little intricate pen and ink to chunky wood pieces to sleek metal to digital art to exquisitie oil paintings.  I get inspired when I see the variety of people’s creativity and in a way helps me to keep focused on what I want to do.  I see what others do and then I feel freed up to zone in on what I do with my art~ life~ ideas since being creative doesn’t only apply to artwork.       

So please feel free to stop by during gallery hours (Tues- Sat. 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM) or during Open Studio Fridays or First Friday of each month.  Saturday mornings during the summer months is a wonderful farmer’s market too in the parking lot behind the studio.  On the lower level of the gallery is a live theatre. 

For a country girl at heart I am finding lots of things to enjoy in the city too.

To see more of my work stop by White Horse Studio, suite 207 at Second April or visit my web site at http://www.suesteiner.com/

Thanks and take care!

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

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