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‘Out of the Blue’, horse oil painting

Out of the Blue, oils, Sue Steiner

I want to call this horse painting abstract but its probably more ‘sylized‘. I don’t know that it matters what I call it! 🙂 If it dries I will hang it in my studio for this First Friday.

I did this as a commission for someone who saw a similar smaller painting of mine and wanted something larger. I did notice I am painting larger now that I am in a larger space! More wall space to show larger pieces. All winter I scaled down to 8 x 10 and 9 x 12’s. Now my recent paintings have been large, more colorful, more stylized.

Funny how what ever style I am working on I seem to get a hunger than to do something different! Is this the curse of being an artist or the blessing? I’ve really enjoyed the looser paintings like the one above but maybe with all the commotion with moving my studio behind me, I am now craving a more realistic painting I can sink my teeth into– hunker down in my studio in my grubby paint clothes and paint the hours away! Obsess over the tiny details… when I feel like this a graphite piece seems to hit the spot too. Its a great cure for worrying. I’ll need to put myself in seclusion though because to do that kind of work I need a quiet spot of which I do not think I will have any time soon here at home! Maybe the motivation to use my studio as a working studio will kick in. Kids are out for the summer and things have hit high gear already! Gotta love teenagers!

It won’t happen this week though. First Friday, Budweiser Clydesdales painting demo, art studio grand opening…. this is a busy week.

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