• Sue Steiner

Outdoor Horse and Donkey Murals

Omega, rough sketch in chalk

2 Donkeys (and a Cat) very rough sketch in chalk

Completed Mural by Sue Steiner

I finally have something other than white boards to show you on the outdoor horse and donkey murals I am working on.  These two projects are similar so I will show them together.  I may throw in a third life sized horse mural if I get a chance to work on that one too. 

Both of these projects will be used in similar ways.  They are going into either a window or dutch door stall opening on exisiting barns.  The owner of ‘Omega’ will be getting a series of horse murals to memoralize several very special horses her family has owned and loved over the years.   The owner of the donkey mural saw my murals at Lehman’s and wanted one similar.  I will be painting for her two cute and curious donkeys with Miss Kitty watching over.  My impression is Miss Kitty rules the roost so to speak so plenty of feline attitude will be going into that portrayal.

At this stage I have primed the boards with a good exterior sealer at least 3 times on all sides.  I then painted in the dark background and wood panels.  Details such as wood grain, nail holes, hinges etc. will go in later.  I have ‘roughed in’ the horse and donekys with just chalk.  Thats the way I did all the murals at Lehman’s.  In fact on this blog page you can watch a slide show to the right in the side bar  taking you thru the making of the Hitching Post mural from blank wall to finished mural. 

I will continue to fiddle with the chalk drawing and add paint as I firm up where I want the heads placed.  From there I will be blocking in color and shading.  Stay tuned to watch these develop! 

Thanks for stopping by.  To see completed murals and other animal related art and portraits please visit my web site at http://www.suesteiner.com/

It was decided today that we will have another art festival at Lehman’s this fall.  I have in mind to paitn a life sized roly poly pony on a large board like this to sell at Lehman’s.  I thought of all the little (and not so little) girl’s and boys who always wanted a pony for Christmas!  When you can’t have a real pony a life sized mural is the next best thing! 

Happy Trails! Sue Steiner animal and equine artist

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