• Sue Steiner

Painted Ponies- Abstract Horse Art

I am stepping away from this abstract horse painting to see if I am done or if I want to add to it. I am calling it Painted Ponies because I saw the horse profile up in the right hand corner right off the bat and the feather that is hanging from its bridle reminded me of war ponies the Indian rode into battle. I added a couple hand prints to continue with this theme.

This is 24 x 36 on gallery wrapped canvas in acrylics. I may go ahead and top it off with some oils just because I love how rich the colors are with oils. Right now I have the background paint in a matte finish and most of the highlights in a glossy or metallic paint which I think adds to the illusionary effects of the layering. The layers are not showing up as well in the computer image but hopefully you can get the gist of it.

Would love to hear comments on what you see as far as images just so I know its not just what I am seeing! 🙂


Sue Steiner

#abstracthorsepainting #colorfulhorsepaintings



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