• Sue Steiner

Painting a day, Oct. 22, 2008

I gave myself an hour to paint on this project today since I’ve got 50 kids from my church’s youth group coming over today!! Yikes! 🙂

My goal’s in this exercise is to draw with wet paint right on the canvas, work on getting more fluidity in my horses and to work on ‘values’, which is the contrast or light and dark areas that give form to a drawing or painting. I choose an action shot — looks like my horses this morning when I turned them out- everyone loving the cool air!

I wanted a fairly complicated shot as far as body position to stretch my drawing skills and to get movement and body language with out alot of details. I love details but do not want to get bogged down with them yet at this point. I also wanted to move away from typical ‘posed’ kind of positions. I’ll try to finish this later today.

Thanks for following along!

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