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Painting Faces, Expression and Emotion in Vibrant Color!

Oil Painting Portrait by Sue Steiner 2009

I have chosen the phrase above to be my theme for 2009. I am streching my artistic wings by working on some very personal portraits for the next few weeks. I’ve been wanting to incorporate more people in my artwork so what better way to expand than by using faces that are near and dear to me to kick this theme off! Above you can see my most recent oil painting of my daughter when she was 5 titled, “I Made a Wish… and She Came True’. I invite you to follow along on this journey with me. (You can subscribe to this blog on my sidebar. )

Working on commissions for other people I have seen the power that art has in capturing moments in time and crystalizing that memory in a very tangible way. I am always humbled when I see the tears when they see the painting in person the very first time. I think thats one reason why I love the oil paintings– the brushstrokes, the rich color, the texture and sheen feel solid and lasting- like I want my best memories to be!

The next personal portrait on my easle will be of my son and this one is titled ‘My Boy’. He is about 2 and playing in the sprinkler. He is a long, lanky teen ager now so its fun to remember how huggable and roly poly he was as a baby! I will be writing a personal story that relates to the painting and permenantly attaching it to the back of my kids paintings as a special gift.

My favorite snapshots were getting crinkled and faded so I took those and made it into these paintings. I have other ideas of how to use favorite old photographs. I have some of my grandparents who have passed away that I hope to make into a portrait with the painting as the background in a shadow box with some of their personal items- a watch, a handwritten note, jewelry. My grandfather came to the USA by boat from Italy. He was a teen ager about the age of my son, traveled alone and made a new life in a new country – a world so different than ours today but one I want my kids to appreciate and know.

Maybe my ideas will spark some of your own or maybe my work can be an inspiration. Maybe some day you may want me to paint your favorite memory. If nothing else maybe we can all remember the goodness and blessings that are in our life! Take care!

To see more finished pet commission, portraits and equine artwork go to http://www.suesteiner.com/

Take care! Sue

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