• Sue Steiner

Paper Clay DIY – The Ultimate Eco Friendly Art Material!

Paper Clay DIY – The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Art Material!  

It is Cheap, Easy and Versatile too!  

I cleaned my studio.  What does an artist do when they clean their studio?  They rummage thru all their art materials and create something from it!  I collected a whole big stack of paper when I cleaned.  I have a paper shredder so I shredded it….and thought there has got to be SOME WAY I CAN USE THIS paper?

I found several paper clay recipes on Pinterest and will share an ‘official recipe’ down below. I basically hate to measure and made this clay over time as I cleaned my studio.

What I did was;

put my paper shreds in a large bucket.

Add hot water to cover.  Once cool enough to handle swish, mash and generally have a great time (avoiding actual cleaning and organizing…) and let sit overnight if possible.  What this does is allow the paper to break down sufficiently.

Once the paper has sat and soaked in the water (or you are done playing with it) squeeze out excess water.  It does not have to be bone dry but the more you manipulate it, the more it is being broken down.

Add glue, cornstarch and some kind of preservative- I used alum, an additive to food used when canning I believe… I just had some left over from when I made clay with my kids.  I think you can find it with pickling and canning supplies.  You can also add bleach.  To see measurements, look below at an actual recipe.  🙂  I added a splash of bleach for good measure.  Obviously, you don’t need to be super precise because I wasn’t and it worked out fine.

Squash, mash and play again while avoiding housework….

I added some glitter and colored paper flecks just cuz I liked that.

I then had to wrap it up and put in my refrig. while I adulted for a while.  😦

I have been grabbing chunks of it as I want/need and am having a great time with it.  Can’t wait for my grandkids to come over and play with it too.