• Sue Steiner

Pet Portraits and Animal Art

8 x 10

‘Work in Progress’ Pet Portrait in Oils

I am including in today’s daily painting entry a pet portrait I am doing. I guess I am cheating since its not truly a ‘daily’ painting. 🙂 Maybe a few days… I have some more to do so this is still a ‘work in progress’. I find many people like watching how a painting develops and it helps me with commissions when people understand the process as well so I enjoy posting them from time to time.

I had a funny conversation with my 12 yr old son yesterday. I am painting a wolf for him. It is large and dramatic so I thought I would video tape me painting it so I can make it into a speed painting for youtube. Speed paintings are fun to watch because the tape is set on fast forward and it looks as if the painting magically appears in a few minutes time. As I write this I realize that impression may be counter productive as an artist who does commissioned artwork! People may begin to wonder why the paintings they commissioned me for don’t just magically appear in a monents notice! 🙂 I think my son is under this impression too by his comments to me when I showed him the progress I had made on his wolf painting. I had not even covered the large canvas with a complete first layer yet and was still very much in the ‘roughing in’ stage but figured he had seen enough work in progress paintings all over our house to know there are some steps in between starting and the finished product. He looked at it and said– “you are going to do it detailed aren’t you?? I want detail!” LOL!! I told him detail would come but not until I get further along. Gosh, now I hope I can please my new ‘client’ who seems to be just a tad on the demanding side! 🙂

Joking aside I think the value in blogging and all the gadgets and media opportunities available now thru the web is to bring people along with us during the creation of art. My hope is that people who stop by my blogs can feel more connected to the arts and see the value in art to us individually and as a society. The beginning of this Painting A Day started because I needed to turn off and tune down the influx of negative news. I think the value of art is even more important in trying times like this because of what it brings to our lives. This is veering pretty far away from a dog painting but not really. The owner of this dog talked with me at length about what this sweet little pooch meant to her and her family. The dog has passed away and had a tough go of things at the end and she wanted something to remember the good days. As I paint I am thinking of comfort, softness, sweetness, acceptence and love which is what this dog brought to the family. I thought of how it feels good as a pet owner when you see your pets are happy and healthy. So its really much more than just a picture of a dog. It is an emotion, a feeling, a memory and a hope.

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