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Pet Portraits in Oils, 3 Cats WIP

Work in Progress, ‘3 Cat Portrait’  

I’ve been playing around with the placement of the first cat’s head in this pet portrait.  I decided I wanted him looking down to the other cats.  This has some significance because the tabby has passed away and was a very much loved pet of his owner.  They currently have the 2 other cats so I thought to have the first cat looking down on the other two can represent him watching over the others.  As I keep working on this I want to soften his expression somewhat. 

For those of you with cats you’ll appreciate a story that goes along with this painting. 

I have my own pets– a cat, 3 dogs and 6 horses.  It is usually very helpful to have my live ‘models’ around if I need to check on some aspect of their respective species anatomy, musculature or pupil shape etc.  As I was changing this cat’s position I needed to check on the shape of the head at that angle.  No problem… I’ve got a cat– even a tabby at that!  Well it was quite comical trying to get him to pose…. cats just don’t DO that!  Not when you want them too!  (horses don’t either for that matter!).  

I do have some information on my web site on the commission page that gives pointers on how to get a good photo to be used as a reference for a pet portrait.  Maybe I will need to add tips on how to get the ‘pose’…… once I figure that out for myself!  🙂  

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Sue Steiner

animal and equine artist

pet portraits in oil

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