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Photo Shoot for Hobby Farms Home Magazine

I am preparing for a photo shoot with a photographer from Hobby Farms Home magazine. She is coming into town tomorrow weather permitting. The plan is for her to photogragh my barn, my horses, my art studio and then visit my murals at Lehman’s for an article that will be in the magazine in the July/Aug. edition featuring my farm animal art. I am really excited about it. The magazine is a favorite of mine with beautiful photography and interesting articles right in line with my interests- gardening, small scale family farming, horses, country lifestyle and family.

We had beautiful weather at the beginning of the week- clear, warm, almost spring like but today winter is back. I suppose its to be expected in Feb. in Ohio!

After I finish writing this blog entry I am heading to my studio to work a little more on my ‘Baby Face’ foal painting. There is a possiblity that I will be doing a video as well so we’ll see how the day goes. Maybe this painting will be in the video as a work in progress?

I do wish this snow would blow away and the sun come out!!! Spring, we are ready anytime!!!

Take care!

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

Painting Faces, Expressions and Emotions in Vibrant Color!

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