• Sue Steiner

Pink Cowboy Boots….

or should that be pink cow- girl boots?

After being in my new studio space now for a few months I finally am working on a ‘theme’ for Aug. First Friday!  Hopefully I can pull it together.  I’ve got barn siding frames, new paintings and some other accessories that will fit a western theme.   Heck, I can even bring in hay bales!   I am doing this with the hopes I can sell a bunch of paintings during Canton’s First Friday and then go out and buy me a new pair of cowboy boots!  Fancy, colorful ones!  

I’ve been feeling pretty western lately!  A couple of my new rescue horses neck rein so I’ve been riding western and enjoying it!  In fact I’ve already put in my birthday wish for next month for a new saddle.

This evening I rode Bling, our palomino, Splash, our appy and Rhythm the QH .  So, so fun!  We are getting past the ‘get everyone well’ stage of rescuing and are now well into the ‘lets get to know each other’ stage.  So I am going with this cowgirl thing with all this riding and thinking I like it.  

I’ve admired southwest style art for a long time but felt I was in the wrong location.  I couldn’t really do that unless I lived out west.  Well, the heck with waiting!!  I am having fun with this and my favorite color palettes right now seem to work really well with this theme so I am going for it!  A cowgirl blazes their own trails!

If you are local stop by the 2nd floor of 2nd April Art Galerie during Canton’s First Friday and see my new space.  I usually do painting demos.  People seem to like that.  I am in studio 207.  I’ve got a gallery space also that I share with a couple amazing artists- Terri Howard  and Sarah Schumaker .

The theme for First Friday is Feelin’ Groovy!  I am sure it will be every bit as fun as they all are!  Thank you Arts In Stark for doing  an amazing job!

Happy Trails! Sue Steiner equine and animal artist original oil paintings

Save A Face , Helping Rescues

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