• Sue Steiner

Pop-Eyed Pup WIP

I loved this puppy! This is from a photo reference from http://www.wetcanvas.com/ in the animal / wildlife forum. I am doing this backwards and in a experimental– ‘come what may’ sort of way. I am playing again! 🙂 I feel like I am posting this at a peculiar spot but maybe that will just encourage you to check back!

The view is from above looking down on this little guy. The squares are floor tiles. He just has basically a few toes sticking out underneath. The blue on the floor is a shadow. I sketched the drawing in with chalk so you can still see remnants of that.

I painted the under painting in acrylics just because that was left over from my sailboat earlier today. The rest is in oils. I liked layering the lighter naples yellow over the blue underpainting and so just let things move along from there.

I may finish this today or move on to my horse commission. Time will tell.

Thanks for watching! If you are stopping in and interested in a pet portrait you can find info on my web site at on my commission page. When this is done I will put it up for sale at my studio and on my web site.

thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

#popartpup #puppyportrait



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