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Portraits, Dog Art, Horse Art ‘Work in Progress’

‘On My Easel’

As you can see my easel is overflowing! The little girl in oils is for my pleasure– I saw this girl and had to paint her! I also am going to exhibit it at the Mosaic Art Experience in Oct. in Wooster. This is still in the roughed stage, as all of these paintings are, so check back to see the finished piece!

These are some ‘work in progress’ dog and horse commissions I am currently working on. The dog is a bull terrier. I love the lines in this profile! This particular dog is a exhibiting very good breed characteristics in this pose so my job is to capture that in this painting. I like the pose from an artistic stand point- it is fun to paint and I think the beauty will be in the simplicity of the lines. What I have here is an under painting— still very wet so excuse the glare. The paintings are in oils so the colors in real life are rich and buttery but that is not coming thru yet in the photos.

The 3 horse portrait is also a work in progress. I work from big shapes and values to smaller details so in this you can see the varying stages of completion the different horses are in. I am enjoying this for the challenge of positioning them in this space- to give depth and perspective and to bring in the details and expression on their faces. These horses are owned and loved by Amy in Maine.

To see more of my work go to http://www.suesteiner.com/

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