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Digital Art by Sue Steiner

My heart is heavy today because the people of Haiti are on my mind.  I can’t see the images on the tv any longer.  They are too graphic. 

Today the sun came out and the temps rose…. it is really a very pleasant winter day with the barest hint of spring as you can feel the warm sun and hear birds sing.  On days like today even though it is in the dead of winter we were given the hope that the dark dreary days of winter won’t last forever. 

My prayer today is that the people of Haiti who are experiencing the devastation of the earthquake a couple days ago are beginning to receive help… that they are able to see some hope in what must feel like the very darkest of days.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The image above was created from a photo I took this morning of my glass block windows in my bathroom.  I manipulated it with photoshop and came up with this design.

I spent the last 3 days with a group of delightful middle schoolers studying art and design.  You can read a little about it here.  Today I will be in front of my easle working on a new pet portrait.  Please pray with me today and the days to come for the people who have lost so much in the earthquake.

Take care!

animal artist

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